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Electronic oil level regulator COM1 and COM2
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Electronic oil level control with alarm function and
compressor switch-off

  • Software for the first installation
    "Power on Logic".  The delay times
    are suppressed
    by one Compressor
    "without oil filling" without
    time delay
    to be switched off immediately

  • Mature functional principle,
    stand-alone controller for
    the Oil supply with oil level
    sensor and magnetic valve

  • Energy saving due to optimized Valve/
    magnetic coil design

  • High-precision sensor technology enables
    a precise level detection

  • No incorrect measurements due to
    foaming oil or incidence of light

  • With LEDs for alarm, operating status and filling

  • CE-compliant, EAC approval

  • Further adapters for various
    Compressors available

  • Protection class IP 65, electrical
    connection with integrated
    connectors and cables

  • Standard version also for natural
    refrigerants (R290, R1270) and as
    High pressure version

  • COM7 also for NH3 (R717) on request

  • COM3 with MOPD 100 bar on request

COM1 oil level regulator and adapters for different compressors
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