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Components for the refrigeration, air
conditioning and heat pump industry
Proven and reliable refrigeration and air conditioning technology

The demand for quality is implicit today. This also applies to proven high performance products with long service life and excellent price-perfomance ratio. You can take this for granted with most suppliers.
But what do you receive when you also need a rapid solution?
What if your technical requirements need a production modification?
Or if you require just a little bit more?

One way or the other, you should come to us.

Innovative, independent and
customer oriented
-since 2011-

DEKA controls offers you a wide , complex development expertise for standard products and tailor-made modifications. Thanks to our lean corporate structure with rapid response times, we offer precisely the technology you require for your product.
When you contact us, you will speek directly to the engineers in charge. You will have direct  access to techology "made by DEKA controls"

Come to DEKA controls directly.
Your first-choice partner.
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