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Medium pressure station MDSS
Medium pressure station from
30 to 180 l Fully equipped

  • With electronic high-pressure and medium pressure
    valve (flash gas valve)

  • Variable valve driver with 4-20mA or
    0-10V input

  • Completely wired and prepared for
    connection with the CO2 compound

  • Easy connection through preparation with
    16-pin Harting connector and 230Vac junction box

  • Liquid line compl. with drier caseand insert
    (T-48) as well as sight glass

  • Weatherproof stainless steel frame

  • Standard with electronic maximum level sensor

  • Medium pressure vessel to prevent corrosion or heat
    radiation cpl. insulated with 35mm Armaflex

  • Optional extensions:
      • standby cooling with plate cooling heat exchanger
        (refrigerant R290)
      • Safety valve sets with 4 or 5 valves
      • Uninterruptible current supply for the valve
        drivers complete enclosure for the
        Outdoor installation (IP 54)

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